Excavating Leaching Field

When the septic tank is installed the leaching field is prepared.

While cesspools do not automatically render a system unacceptable, most towns do not accept them in new installations

The vast majority of new septic systems in Cape Cod, Massachusetts feature a leach field. There are a number of ways to build them with different materials.

Leaching fields have replaces cesspools as the preferred method of dispersing the liquids of the waste treatment process.

Health departments require a percolation test (perc test) to determine the suitability of leaching field soil to receive septic tank effluent. The leach field system is effective for the disposal of organic materials readily catabolized by microbial ecosystems

Today's leaching fields are more efficient and last longer than previous generations.

The Cavossa Companies provides leach field installation in Southeastern MA.

Today's Quick4® molded pipe systems provide more efficient distribution and therefore, require less space.
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