Cavossa Cape Cod Disposal FAQs

Why should we partner with Cavossa Disposal?

Cavossa Disposal has a customer first mentality.  We provide the most professional waste and recycling services on the Cape.

Will we save money partnering with Cavossa Disposal?

We feel confident that after conducting our initial waste audit we will be able to find ways to streamline your disposal services, enhance your recycling efforts, and all the while save you money.

How do I get a quote from Cavossa regarding my waste and recycling needs?

Call our Sales Manager, Scott MacNevin at 1-508-563-5070 or email him at . Scott will introduce you to our services, talk of some current clients within your industry, and set up our complimentary waste audit.

How do I determine the size of the container for my business?

Through our waste audit we develop a solid projection of your waste generation.  Your container size is then determined by your desired frequency of pick ups.

How far in advance do we need to order a container?

We have most sizes in stock and can deliver within 24 hours.

Where can we put the container and do we need a permit?

Place the container on solid level ground and away from any hanging wires or overhanging roof.  Permits may be required for open top roll off containers.  Check with your local Fire Department.

How long can we keep the container?

Front load cans may be kept for as long as you need them.  You will be billed monthly.
Roll off containers may be kept for up to two weeks.  There will be a daily charge after that initial time period.

What can’t I put in the containers?

Any item defined as a Waste Disposal Ban Material.  The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has made it illegal to landfill certain materials.  Please follow this link for further information, MA DEP Waste Disposal Ban Regulation 310 CMR 19.017

What items will incur an extra charge?

Air conditioners, batteries, box springs, computer equipment, dishwashers, dryers, Freon items, mattresses, ovens, propane tanks, refrigerators, televisions, tires, washing machines, white goods (sinks, tubs, etc.).

What happens to the trash after it is picked up?

The trash is brought to either a local transfer station for sorting and subsequent delivery to either a landfill or an energy from waste facility.  Recyclable products are separated and brought to their respective markets. 

Is Cavossa Disposal active in recycling?

Cavossa Disposal currently handles more than 200,000 lbs of fiber and co-mingled recyclables per month.  See the Recycling Center for more details on current recycling industry trends and practices.

Can we pay our bill online?

Yes, for your convenience you can now pay your bill online! please click here to make your payment. Thank you!

What payment methods are accepted?

Front load cans can be paid monthly by check, money order, debit or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, or Discover), or ACH debit.
Roll off cans are ordered with a debit or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, or Discover).  Any extra charges will be charged to that same card upon disposal of the roll off container, ex: mattress, television, over tonnage, etc.

Is Cavossa Disposal a Cape Cod company or a division of a national firm?

Cavossa Disposal is 100% owned and operated by Cape Cod residents.